Requirements for a visa (for family members of EU citizen)

freedom of movement in the EU

For a visa to be issued on the basis of Directive 2004/38/EC, only the following requirements need to be satisfied:

  1. The visa applicant is a direct “family member” of an EU citizen and has proof  (marriage or birth certificate or some combination) of the relationship)
  2. The visa applicant will be travelling with, or joining, the EU citizen for a visit or permanent move to an EU member state.  (If they are going to the “home” country of the EU citizen, then there can be a requirement that the EU citizen had previously lived/worked in a different member state)
  3. All travellers require a passport (or a national ID card for the EU citizen)

These are the legal requirements for all of the EU/EEA member states, including all Schengen members, the UK, Ireland, Romania and Bulgaria.  They also apply for Switzerland

If the family member has a “Residence Card for…

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