Obviously this blog is about a teacher named Ella. Like, duh.

Ella is that girl who gets really excited about playing in the playground at break time: wide-eyed, curious and ready to roll on dirt, but let’s swap “playground” for “life”. Although I really think this life is a place where fun never ends.

I constantly need to channel my energy and ideas (this is my sixth blog after all) so you’re sure to find I’m doing something with my time, may it be inside or outside the confines of my house, like:

  1. Teaching in International Schools in all grade levels
  2. Making quizzes for pubs
  3. Being a ghost writer for students who are too lazy to write their term papers
  4. Professionally writing for blogs anonymously
  5. Farming seaweed and feeding sea turtles
  6. Baking seasonal cookies for the whole community
  7. Getting lost and starry-eyed in the wonders of Southeast Asia
  8. Lifting weights in the gym and answering to the name Gina

Traveling around countries and working at the same time proved to be a drastic paradigm shift and daily routines like diet, exercise, sleep and health are the first ones to be affected. I’m all for a balanced lifestyle here.

Fret not, my mission is to channel this energy and use this medium as a tool to help you achieve what you want – or whatever reason that led you to this blog –  in a fun, conversational, direct way. You know, just shoot. Ask me questions and feel free to drop a line here!