Employment Certificate for Visa Purposes (Schengen Visa)

So I want to go to Spain this summer and now I am saving (A LOT) and slowly gathering my papers here and there. I am picturing myself as the wife in Gone Girl minus the psycho side (hopefully) – you know how organized she is? Ticking her calendar day by day? I want to be that. One of the requirements of the Visa (for Schengen Countries, short term or long term) is the Employment Certificate. I was looking for templates for my HR to conveniently copy and I stumbled upon this gold block of a blog! In this post she talks about, well, her employment certificate. The author is Karlota, a Bisayang Pinay like me and she is a self-made Pinay like me! Who fell in love and moved continents to be with her man just like me! Moving is happening hence this! Hoping this will be of use to you as it was with mine.


Employment Certificate for Visa Purposes

by Karlota, originally posted in here I’m still alive. Obviously. 🙂 Just going through something “interesting” lately so I am not hooked to wordpress as often as I wanted to. I will of course broadcast updates if anything comes to a fruition. Or maybe not. We will see. Anyway, parents are saving money in case they get to travel to Europe someday. While going through the requirements, mom asked me about Employment Certificate. I don’t worry about this stuff because I just go to our Human Resource office and request for one and they create it for me. Easy Peasy. But in case one is working for a veryyy small company who do not have any idea at all how to make one, I thought to write a sample so you can create it yourself and have it signed by your manager only. The important thing to remember about Employment certificates are the following: 1. It has the company logo at the top of course 2. It mentions your position and the starting date of work 3. It mentions your salary and the days of leave from work For all tourist visa applicants, good luck!



To whom it may concern:

This is to certify that Jane Doe is a bonafide employee of Spartan Incorporation Services from January 10, 2005 up to the present. She is currently working as a Marketing Supervisor under Beaujolais Department and receiving a basic salary of Php 584,210.00 annually.

We hereby certify that above-mentioned leave has been granted to her from September 2-20, 2012. She will never do business in your country.

This certification is issued upon the request of the afore-mentioned party for Visa Application Purposes.

Issued this 19th day of May, 2012 at Talisay City, Cebu, Philippines.

Signed by:

Luzviminda Rosal



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